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TEAN New Zealand: Victoria University of Wellington

Fast Facts

Sessions Offered:

Fall, Spring, Academic Year, Calendar Year


Wellington, New Zealand




Minimum UI and Cumulative GPA of 2.7, sophomore standing or higher, good academic and disciplinary standing

Application Due:

Spring: 10/1

Fall: 3/1

Program Cost:

Click the Application tab.


Designed for all students, but with a particular focus in management, the humanities, social sciences and arts, this semester, academic-year or calendar-year program allows students to take courses in a variety of areas related to their field of study at Victoria University of Wellington in Wellington, New Zealand. Potential course offerings include classes in business, visual, performing arts and design, social science, humanities, international studies and much more.

The University of Iowa partners with The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) to offer students the opportunity to study at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Students will take courses at the local university in a variety of areas related to their field of study.

Academic Program

Mount Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand

Academic Departments and Schools at Victoria University of Wellington are divided into 7 academic divisions: Faculty of Architecture and Design, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Science, and the Business School.

Courses (called “papers” in New Zealand) are available in a wide variety of disciplines.

Students enroll in 3-4 papers per semester (45-75 Victoria credits, usually equivalent to 12-16 sh)

Course Levels:

  • 100-level is the equivalent of a 200-level/sophomore level U.S. course.
  • 200-level is the equivalent of a 300-level/junior level U.S. course.
  • 300 level is the equivalent of a 400-level/senior level U.S. course. (Note: these courses require a high level of competency and you will most likely need to fulfill numerous prerequisites).
  • 400-level + courses are graduate level and, for the most part, are not open to study abroad students.

For updated course offerings, descriptions, and syllabi, visit TEAN's program website and visit Victoria University of Wellington's online course catalog

Orientation, Excursions, and Cultural Activities


Included in the cost of the program is the five-day, pre-semester orientation and cultural program located in Queenstown, New Zealand, also known as the "adventure capital of the world." From kayaking through pristine natural beauty to getting to know Maori culture, TEAN’s exclusive Orientation Excursion is an exciting and educational introduction to New Zealand. Taking place in Queenstown—a fascinating town just as famous for its adrenaline-inducing activities as it is for its stunning landscapes—the orientation is designed to set you up for a successful semester by acquainting you with the local culture and academics, allowing time to get to know your soon-to-be-friends and having a memorable journey in the process. TEAN’s in-country staff will be there to personally guide you through orientation sessions. At the end of orientation, Dunedin-bound students will be bussed to Dunedin, just three hours away, where the local Resident Director will be there to assist with moving into accommodations.

Excursions & Cultural Activities

Students, depending on programs dates and semester abroad, may participate in optional excursions. Travel plans may include nine mid-semester days spent exploring local delicacies, lounging on white sand beaches and spending time with rescued elephants in Thailand, and/or a weekend trip to Melbourne, Australia where students have explored the city's hidden gems and been introduced to the sporting culture of Aussie Rules Football and/or an eight pre-semester days packed with hiking, bungee jumping and whitewater rafting on New Zealand's South Island.

TEAN staff also arrange a wide assortment of cultural immersion activities throughout the semester. Past activities have included attending shows at the iconic BATS theatre, coffee meet-ups and joining local audiences at games in cheering for the rugby leagues.

Program Dates

  • Spring (New Zealand's Semester 1): February - June
  • Fall (New Zealand's Semester 2): July - November

Winter and Summer programs are not available.

Course Enrollment Process

About the Courses

  • The New Zealand academic year begins each February. As you select courses, keep in mind: Semester 1 is February – June and Semester 2 is July – November. Ensure that you select courses from the correct semester.
  • Courses for Semester 1 (February/March start) are generally not available until October. Although courses do not change tremendously from year to year, please be aware that you may need to make additional selections once papers are officially published.
  • New Zealand universities have a drop/add period of one week once classes begin. The first week of courses allows you to visit other lectures to “shop around” for your best options.

How to Find Courses

  • Visit Victoria University of Wellington's online course catalog.
  • Select ‘Undergraduate’ from the dropdown menu to the left of the search box.
  • Select a Subject to view in the dropdown menu or use the search box to enter in a keyword.
  • Scroll down and you will find the available courses listed in their level. Click on a specific course name or course code to see the full course description.
  • Pay attention to the course level indicated. As a study abroad student at Victoria, you will be able to take courses at the 100, 200 and 300 levels. Also be sure to pay attention to which semester the class is offered. The Spring (February-June) term will be listed as Trimester 1 and the Fall (July-November) term will be listed as Trimester 2.
  • Once you identify 6-8 courses that match your criteria and you have had your selected courses approved by your home university, enter them into your TEAN application under “TEAN Course Selection”.
  • Courses will be approved by Victoria University of Wellington once TEAN submits your application materials for review. The courses uploaded into your TEAN Course Selection form are preliminary; they are not binding in any way. The sooner you can complete your TEAN form, the sooner the Victoria University can review your selections.
  • Please note: Depending on the paper, you may be required to travel to a different campus (other than the main campus of the university). You will be responsible for any additional transportation costs, so please take this into consideration when finalizing your schedule.

For more information on course selection procedures, visit TEAN's informational page on course selection.

For More Information

Monica Ernberger, Study Abroad Advisor
The University of Iowa
Office for Study Abroad
1111 University Capitol Centre
Iowa City, IA 52242

Phone: 319-335-0353
Fax: 319-335-0343

New Zealand

Victoria University campus

Whether you’re drawn to its natural beauty, adrenaline-inducing adventure activities, national sport of rugby or friendly people, New Zealand won’t disappoint. Surrounded by water, home to more animals than people, and featuring some of the most unique landscapes and natural wonders in the world, New Zealand is the place to be for environmental science and wildlife studies. Here students can jump right into what they’re studying with real-life examples and experiences all around them. Beyond the stunning scenery, this island nation is known for its progressive political history and being a champion of women’s rights, as well as having extensive dairy and tourism industries. Art and culture are also front and center thanks to Maori influences, a flourishing film scene, and one of the best design schools in the world.


New Zealand's capital city, Wellington, is the country's second most populous city with a population of just over 210,000 people. Wellington is the globe's southernmost capital city and has been ranked among the top 20 best places to live in the world. Boasting 2000 hours of sunshine, the sun shines in Wellington more often, and the city has less rainfall than Auckland. Almost all of Wellington's residents live within 3 km of the coastline, so access to coastal waterways and beaches is quick and easy. The city is also home to many cultural institutions, such as the National Library of New Zealand, Te Papa (the Museum of New Zealand), historic homes, art galleries, lush gardens and more. It is considered to be a hub for the arts, and for good reason; every year Wellington hosts international arts, jazz, comedy and film festivals and its eastern suburb of Miramar has been transformed into a production center for filmmakers such as Sir Peter Jackson and Sir Richard Taylor, both known for their work on the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.

Victoria University of Wellington

First established in 1899, Victoria University of Wellington has four campuses located within the city. The main campus, Kelburn, is located in an adyllic and elevated setting with beautiful views of the harbor. Most TEAN participants study at the Kelburn campus; however, all of the campuses are within easy walking distance of each other if you want to explore. The university is ranked internationally among the top 100 best institutions to study the arts, the humanities and psychology. Each year, over 22,000 students from more than 110 countries take advantage of a university that is not only internationally recognized among the top 250 higher educational establishments in the world, but which also holds the highest ranking for research quality among all of New Zealand's tertiary education organizations.

US Department of State Country Information

The US Department of State provides safety and security information for every country of the world to help you assess for yourself the risks of travel. Each country information page contains a Travel Advisory, Alerts, and other important details specific to that country that could affect you.

Pay close attention to the entry and exit requirements, local laws and customs, health conditions, and other details to help decide whether traveling to any given country is right for you. Non-US citizen travelers may also wish to seek guidance from the embassy of their country of citizenship. The UI International Travel Policy for Students addresses restrictions on student travel to high-risk locations and engagement in high-risk activities abroad.

Living Arrangements

TEAN students participating in this program have three housing options: residential student houses at University Hall - Te Kotahinga, residential student apartments at Everton Hall or studio apartments at the Willis Street Halls - Education House. Please note that both Everton Hall and Education House have limited availability and final housing allocations are at the discretion of Victoria University of Wellington's accommodation office. If you are allocated to either of these locations, you may be the only TEAN student in that housing option.

Important note: Because of the semester dates for Victoria University of Wellington, students will be placed in temporary accommodation (student hostel) for approximately 7-10 days after the TEAN Orientation until the official move-in date which is set by the Victoria University of Wellington accommodation office. TEAN arranges the temporary accommodation and is included in your program. If you wish to discuss this further, please contact your Program Manager.

University Hall - Te Kotahinga

These units are individual houses scattered on the outskirts of campus. Each house ranges in location, size and quality. These units vary in degree of upgrade and modernity but all have a lot of character. They are very basic and very much ‘lived in’ student flats. Students will have a single, private bedroom within a shared flat. The flat is self-catered meaning that students will have a full kitchen and will do their own grocery shopping and cooking. The kitchen will include fridge/freezer, stove/oven, microwave, toaster, kettle, cutlery and crockery. Inside the bedroom, there will be a single size bed, desk and office chair, wardrobe, heater and pinboard. TEAN also includes a linen pack for all students (sheets, duvet and cover, pillow and pillow case). In the shared space in the flat, there will be a TV, lounge chairs, book shelves, notice board, communal phone, dining room table and chairs. The flats are in a residential area about a 5-15 minute walk to campus. It’s about a 15 minute walk downhill to get into the Wellington central business district where shops, restaurants, bars, and cafes are plentiful.

Everton Hall

These fully furnished five bedroom flats are in apartment style buildings and have recently undergone some refurbishment over the last few years. In Everton, students will have a private room within a shared apartment. Typically, apartments house between 4-6 students. In the bedroom, students will have a bed, study desk and chair and wardrobe. TEAN also arranges linen packs (sheets, duvet and cover, pillow and pillow case) for all students. These are self-catered apartments meaning there is a basic kitchen and students will be responsible for purchasing groceries and preparing meals. Students pay for WiFi and electricity monthly; these expenses are not included in the TEAN housing fee. Accessible housing options are not available at the location. From these apartments, it is about a 5 minute walk to the Kelburn campus and a 10-15 walk to Wellington's central business district.

Willis Street Halls - Education House

These self-catered studio apartments are known for having a quieter environment older students and upperclassman may appreciate. They are located closer to the downtown and waterfront areas of Wellington's central business district. These apartments are single studios, so students will have their own room, which includes a small kitchenette and a private, ensuite bathroom. Apartments are furnished with a king single bed and mattress, mattress protector, study desk and chair, wardrobe, storage unit, bookshelf, mirror, noticeboard and rubbish bin. The modest kitchenette includes a small refrigerator. TEAN also arranges linen packs for all students (sheets, duvet and duvet cover, pillow and pillow case). There are shared lounges, TV areas and game rooms in Education House and adjacent Cumberland House. From these apartments, it is about a 15 minute walk to the Kelburn campus.

Local Transportation

One of the best ways to explore Wellington is on foot. The city center is compact; you can walk from one side to the other in under 20 minutes. Wellington has an excellent public transportation system, which is widely used by the locals. There is also a cable car that leaves from downtown Wellington to the suburb of Kelburn. At the top of the cable car, you will find some of the best views of Wellington.


This program is open to UI students who fulfill the following requirements:

  • Minimum 2.7 cumulative GPA: Students must have at minimum a 2.7 cumulative GPA to participate in this program.
  • Minimum 2.7 UI GPA: Students must have at minimum a 2.7 UI GPA to participate in this program.
  • Minimum sophomore standing at a four-year institution: Minimum sophomore standing at a four-year institution, such as the University of Iowa, at the time of participation.
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing: Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing at the University of Iowa. Academic and disciplinary history will also be considered when determining whether a student is prepared to represent the University of Iowa as part of this program. Students who, even after being accepted into a program, are put on either academic and/or disciplinary probation for any period of time overlapping with the study abroad program dates are ineligible to study abroad. In these cases, students must forfeit their acceptance, will not be allowed to study abroad, and are wholly responsible for any and all financial expenses incurred.


The most recent cost sheet for the program is included below. The cost sheet outlines the total estimated costs associated with participating in this program and can be used for financial aid and planning purposes. It includes fees charged on students’ U-Bill (TEAN program fee, Study Abroad Administrative Fee, and mandatory Iowa Regents CISI Travel Insurance), as well as out-of-pocket expenses. Actual out-of-pocket expenses will vary from individual to individual. Quoted estimates are conservatively high, yet realistic. Please see the respective websites for further details. Contact the designated UI Study Abroad advisor with questions regarding the cost sheet.

Cost Sheets

Cost Sheet for TEAN Victoria University of Wellington, Fall 2018

There is a $50 UI non-refundable application fee and a TEAN $100 application deposit. The program fee for Spring 2020 has not yet been calculated. Students will pay the TEAN program fee, Study Abroad administrative fees, and will be enrolled in Iowa Regents international health insurance. The program fee includes tuition and fees, housing, the TEAN pre-semester excursion to Queenstown, and onsite support services as well as pre-departure services. Expected additional costs include but are not limited to: meals, local transportation, airfare, personal expenses, visa fees, and textbooks.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Most financial aid (scholarships, grants, and loans) is applicable to study abroad programs. Please check the Study Abroad website for information on financial aid and how it may be applied to studying abroad. You are also encouraged to speak with someone at the Office of Student Financial Aid to explore financial aid options.

Scholarship opportunities exist for study abroad participants. Please explore Study Abroad’s websites for UI Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities and Non-UI External Awards.


TEAN Scholarships

Each year TEAN awards thousands of dollars in need-, diversity- and merit-based scholarships to participants of their various programs.Visit their scholarships page for details.

Students will receive an automatic $750 from TEAN to participate in this program.

Withdrawal policy

After applying for a study abroad program, notice of withdrawal must be made in writing to University of Iowa Study Abroad. The date on which the letter or e-mail message is received is the date by which your costs will be calculated. If for any reason you withdraw after the confirmation deadline and before or during the course of the program, the amount/percentage shown in the following chart represents what you will be required to pay to the University of Iowa.

Date of Withdrawal Student Financial Responsibility
After submitting the Confirmation of Participation Study Abroad Administrative Fee: $400
Portion of course fee: As determined by the program contract with TEAN
Less than 30 days before the program start date Study Abroad Administrative Fee: $400 or 50%, whichever is greater
Portion of course fee: As determined by the program contract with TEAN
On or after the program start date Study Abroad Administrative Fee: 100%
Portion of course fee: As determined by the program contract with TEAN

Consult with the designated UI Study Abroad advisor for any clarification about fees and billing. Note that when withdrawing from a program, any money already paid directly to a program provider and/or a host university will potentially be forfeited. Additional penalties for cancellation of airline tickets may also apply. Check with the airline for further details.

Application Deadlines

  • Spring Semester: October 1
  • Fall Semester: March 1

How to Apply

Interested students should make an appointment with the designated UI Study Abroad advisor to discuss the program and the application process. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 319-335-0353. During the appointment, the advisor will provide full application instructions. Note: Application materials will not be reviewed unless a student has already met with the advisor to discuss the program.

The application process consists of the following steps:

• Complete the UI Online Application for Study Abroad. Applicants will be charged a $50 non-refundable application fee. As part of the UI Online Application for Study Abroad, applicants will need to upload a copy of their passport picture page, a list of courses to take while abroad, and a statement of purpose.

• Complete the TEAN Online Application.

Post Acceptance

After the application cycle has finished, students will receive an email, an acceptance letter, and more information about accepting their place in the program as well as information on applying for visas and purchasing plane tickets.

Confirmation Materials

Confirmation materials will be posted after the program application deadline.

Health & Safety Planning

All students preparing to study abroad should review the following:

Iowa Regents CISI Health Insurance Information

Students are also encouraged to complete the Health Preparation Guide for International Travelform with their medical practitioner. This document is intended to help you plan for your medical needs abroad. Please DO NOT turn this form in to UI Study Abroad.

Financial Aid

For more information about receiving financial aid while studying abroad, please review the following:

UI Financial Aid Information


US passport holders must obtain a student visa from New Zealand in order to participate in this program. US passport holders should follow the visa application instructions provided by TEAN. Unlike other countries, New Zealand student visa applications do not require applying at a local embassy in person. New Zealand visa applications are generally completed online, with Visa Grant Notifications often issued within 2-4 weeks after submitting your application. The New Zealand Student Visa fee is waived for US passport holders. However, there is a NZD$35 required International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy. Please note that you will only receive an email notification – no physical documents will be sent to you. You will need to keep a copy of your visa grant number notification with your passport. Your passport should be valid for at least six months after the conclusion of your semester to satisfy New Zealand’s entry requirements. Students are ultimately responsible for obtaining the necessary visa to enter New Zealand.

Non-US passport holders should consult with TEAN regarding their visa requirements.

Flight/Travel Arrangements

Students may either book the group flight itinerary through TEAN or book flights independently. Participants are responsible for being at the orientation site on time.


In order to prepare for your time abroad, you are required by the University of Iowa to complete two orientations. These are in addition to TEAN's pre-departure and onsite orientations. See below for more information.

Online Education Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation

You are required to complete the International Programs online “Education Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation” course distributed through ICON prior to departure. This orientation is mandatory for all students going abroad under the auspices of the University of Iowa. It covers many practical matters about living overseas, such as health and safety, communication, money, goals and much more. You will be enrolled in this course by International Programs and an email will be sent to you once enrolled. If you have any questions you can email

Program-Specific Orientation

This orientation will be facilitated by your study abroad advisor and will cover content specific to your program and host country. It could be conducted in a group setting or one-on-one depending on your type of planned activity abroad. Your study abroad advisor will send you more information about this mandatory in-person session after you have been accepted to the program.

In-country Orientation

TEAN provides a six-day, pre-semester orientation program in Queenstown, New Zealand. After the TEAN orientation, students will depart for their respective campuses, and will partake in an orientation program on their host university's campus.

There are no photos available for this program yet. Do you have any photos to share with us? If you do, please contact us at:

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The University of Iowa
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Phone: (319) 335-0353
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