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TEAN Australia: Bond University

Fast Facts

Sessions Offered:

Fall, Spring, Academic Year, Calendar Year


Gold Coast, Australia




Minimum UI and Cumulative GPA of 2.5, good academic and disciplinary standing.

Application Due:

3/1 for Fall

10/1 for Spring

Program Cost:

Click the Application tab.


The University of Iowa partners with The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) to offer students the opportunity to study at Bond University on the Gold Coast of Australia. Students will take courses at the local university in a variety of areas related to their field of study.

Bond University is the first private, not-for-profit university in Australia, offering a personalized academic environment and student body of approximately 4,200. Bond is the only Australian university that offers a trimester year, allowing students to enroll in a study abroad program in January, May, or September.

Academic Program

Bond boasts Australia’s lowest student to staff ratio of 11:1. Courses (called “subjects” at Bond) are available in a wide variety of disciplines. Students enroll in 3-4 subjects per semester (between 30 and 50 Bond credits) which usually transfers as 12-16 U.S. semester hours.

Academic Departments and Schools at Bond University are divided into academic divisions: Architecture; Business; Communication; Creative Media; Health Sciences & Medicine; Humanities & Global Studies; Law; Property & Sustainable Development; and Social Sciences.

Course Levels:

  • 100-level is the equivalent of a 2000-level/sophomore level U.S. course.
  • 200-level is the equivalent of a 3000-level/junior level U.S. course.
  • 300 level is the equivalent of a 4000-level/senior level U.S. course. (Note: these courses require a high level of competency and you will most likely need to fulfill numerous prerequisites).
  • 400-level + courses are graduate level and, for the most part, are not open to study abroad students.

Program-related Cultural Activities

TEAN’s exclusive “Welcome Abroad” Orientation Program takes place in Cairns in the north of Australia, famous for its tropical setting and access to the Great Barrier Reef. Your Australia Orientation is designed to set you up for a successful semester by introducing you to the local culture and academics while you get to know your soon-to-be friends and have an exciting journey in the process. On the final day of Orientation, students travel to their host city, where they are met by their local TEAN Resident Director and introduced to their housing and local area.

Program Dates

  • Spring Semester: early January - mid-April
  • Fall Semester: mid-August - mid-December

Winter and Summer programs are not available.

Gold Coast, Australia

Gold Coast, Australia

Gold Coast, on Australia's east coast, 50 miles south of Brisbane, has a population of 500,000 people.

While the appeal of the warm weather and beautiful beaches is undeniable, studying abroad on the Gold Coast will make you realize that there is a lot more to this region than just the beach—though it’s true that the Bond University campus is only 15 minutes away! The Gold Coast hinterland is home to two of Queensland’s best national parks, where you can hike your way through lush rain forest to pristine mountain pools before heading to catch one of the best surf breaks on the coast at Burleigh Heads.

US Department of State Country Information

The US Department of State provides safety and security information for every country of the world to help you assess for yourself the risks of travel. Each country information page contains a Travel Advisory, Alerts, and other important details specific to that country that could affect you.

Pay close attention to the entry and exit requirements, local laws and customs, health conditions, and other details to help decide whether traveling to any given country is right for you. Non-US citizen travelers may also wish to seek guidance from the embassy of their country of citizenship. The UI International Travel Policy for Students addresses restrictions on student travel to high-risk locations and engagement in high-risk activities abroad.

Living Arrangements

Students have the choice to live in one of three different types of accommodation: Bond University dorms, apartments adjacent to campus, or a highrise at the beach. Students will have their choice of housing and will work directly with TEAN to secure their choice. The cost of accommodation will be paid directly to TEAN. The cost of the housing options varies greatly. Please be aware of your budget for housing when picking one of the three options.

For more information about housing options on the Gold Coast with TEAN, please see the following link: TEAN Gold Coast Housing Information.

Travel Arrangements

Students make their own travel arrangements with advice from Study Abroad and TEAN. TEAN also offers a group flight that students can purchase if they wish.

Local Transportation

There is excellent public transportation in Gold Coast. There are busses that depart from the downtown/beach area to the campus on a regular basis. In addition to busses, there are trains and trams that service the city of Gold Coast.


Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing, and have a minimum UI as well as cumulative GPA of 2.50 to apply. Students must have completed one year of study on campus at the University of Iowa in order to study abroad.


There is a $50 UI non-refundable application fee and a $100 TEAN application deposit. Students will pay the TEAN program fee, Study Abroad administrative fees, and will be enrolled in Iowa Regents international health insurance on their U-Bill. Housing costs are paid directly to TEAN. Other costs include round-trip airfare, meals, personal expenses, and passport and Australian Visa expenses.

The program fee includes tuition and fees, the TEAN pre-semester excursion to Cairns, and onsite support services as well as pre-departure services. Expected additional costs may include but are not limited to: housing, meals, local transportation, airfare, personal expenses, visa fees, and textbooks.

For a total estimated cost of attendance for Spring 2019, please click on the following PDF link: PDF2018 TEAN: Bond University Estimated Cost

Application Deadlines

  • Spring Semester: October 1
  • Fall Semester: March 1

How to apply

  1. Meet with the Study Abroad advisor for Australia. To make an appointment, please call 319-335-0353 and schedule an appointment on the advisor's calendar with the receptionist.
  2. Complete the UI Study Abroad online application at the following link: UI Study Abroad online application.
  3. Complete the TEAN online application at the following link: TEAN online application.

After the application cycle has finished, students will receive an email, an acceptance letter, and more information about accepting their place in the Iowa Regents Semester in Australia program as well as information on applying for visas and purchasing plane tickets. Continue to check this website for more information on post-application procedures.

Confirmation Materials

More information will become available at a later date.

Acceptance Packet

Please read the following documents and retain them for your records:


In order to prepare for your time abroad, you are required by the University of Iowa to complete two orientations. These are in addition to orientations—pre-departure and onsite—provided by TEAN. See below for more information.

Online Education Abroad Pre-departure Orientation

You are required to complete the International Programs ICON course “Education Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation” prior to your departure. This orientation is mandatory for all students going abroad under the auspices of the University of Iowa. It covers many practical matters about living overseas, such as health and safety, communication, money, goals, and much more. You will be enrolled in this course by International Programs and an email will be sent to you once enrolled. If you have any questions, you can email

Program-specific Orientation

This orientation will be facilitated by your study abroad advisor and will cover content specific to your program and host country. It could be conducted in a group setting or one-on-one depending on your type of planned activity abroad. Your study abroad advisor will send you more information about this mandatory in-person session after you have been accepted to the program.

In-country Orientation

TEAN provides a six-day, pre-semester orientation program in Cairns, Australia. After the TEAN orientation, students will depart for their respective campuses and will partake in an orientation program on their host university's campus.

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