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IES Internships Santiago

Fast Facts

Sessions Offered:



Santiago, Chile


Resident, 3-6 hours

Program Features

Affiliated Program


- Good academic & disciplinary standing

- 2.5 GPA or higher

- Summer after sophomore year or later at time of internship

Application Due:


IES Internships

Church in Santiago

Earn UI credit through a summer internship!
Spend eight weeks over the summer interning full-time in the field of your choice.

Today's employers are looking to hire employees with:

  • Relevant, global experience
  • Foreign language proficiency
  • Intercultural communication skills
  • Confidence and adaptability
  • Workplace knowledge and experience

When you have completed an internship, you will have the job experience, the professional skills training, and the confidence to help you and your resume stand out.

See more at IES Internships

Guaranteed Placement

IES Internships guarantees full-time summer internship students a placement in their field of choice, as indicated on their internship application submitted to IES.

If IES Internships is unable to offer a student an internship placement in the expressed field of choice selected on his or her internship application at least two weeks before the program start date, despite the student’s good faith participation in the process and satisfaction of all program requirements, then the student shall have the option to either receive a refund of the full amount he or she has then paid IES Internships or to transfer to an IES program of comparable length and value in the same location (subject to the student satisfying applicable visa requirements and IES Internships’ academic program requirements).

See more at IES Internship Guarantee

Academic Credit

The IES internship program can count for either 3 credit hours or 6 credit hours. In addition, students can take advantage of a 3 credit hour language course (allowing them to take a total of 6 credit hours, respectively).All participants will complete the Leading Across Cultures course offered through IES, for which some materials are due online before departure.

Students must indicate on the Iowa application how many credit hours they plan to receive from their internship. Students will discuss this decision with their Study Abroad advisor in an appointment before they submit an application.

Factors to consider:

  • Cost: The Study Abroad Administrative Fee is based on the number of credit hours you plan to receive
  • Financial Aid: Any student seeking to use Financial Aid must be enrolled full time (6 credit hours)
  • Academic Planning: All students should meet with their academic advisor before studying abroad. Your academic advisor can help you create a degree plan, showing where credit is needed and where credit is not needed to stay on track for graduation
  • Steps to Studying Abroad

    1. Before initiating an application with IES, students must complete a Discover Study Abroad session at the University of Iowa. 
    2. After completing the Discover Abroad session, students must call the Study Abroad office at 319-335-0353 to be assigned to the appropriate study abroad advisor.
    3. Once assigned, students must meet with their study abroad advisor to receive  program application instructions.


    Study Abroad
    1111 University Capitol Centre
    Iowa City, IA 52242

    Phone: 319-335-0353

Santiago, Chile

Witness the continued economic growth that has transformed this capital city into a financial, political, and cultural hub for Chile and South America. IES Abroad’s unpaid, academic internships place Santiago interns at local companies while also showing them the sights and sounds of Chile.

Spend your free time getting to know Santiago through IES Abroad-organized cultural events and possible field trips to Valparaiso and Viña del Mar.

An IES internship in Santiago develops your professional skills and ability to communicate across cultures while also providing substantive work experience to jump-start your career in today’s competitive job market.

Before you depart, IES works with you to fine-tune your résumé, perfect your cover letter, hone your networking and interview skills, and prepare you for working in a new cultural environment. You’ll be guaranteed placement at a local business or organization, where you’ll work for at least 25 hours a week. You will also enroll in a required 3- or 6-credit academic internship seminar with other IES Abroad interns, where you’ll learn about a variety of local business settings and opportunities.

With IES Abroad’s dedicated staff and international connections, you can be sure that you’ll find an internship that meets your goals. You’ll gain invaluable experience and learn to stand out.

Dates of Program

The most current information can be found on the IES Santiago Internship webpage.

Available Placements

Gandola and mountains in Santiago

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Education/Language Instruction
  • Engineering (Mechanical and Industrial)
  • Health
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Media & Communications
  • Municipalities
  • Museums
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Tourism

Placements are available to students of all language levels, though students with more advanced Spanish have a wider array of internship options available to them.

Note: If the field you are interested in is not listed here, that does not mean it isn't available. Please discuss other possibilities with Study Abroad to see if IES has partners in Santiago that would be able to accommodate your interests.

US Department of State Country Information

The US Department of State provides safety and security information for every country of the world to help you assess for yourself the risks of travel. Each country information page contains a Travel Advisory, Alerts, and other important details specific to that country that could affect you.

Pay close attention to the entry and exit requirements, local laws and customs, health conditions, and other details to help decide whether traveling to any given country is right for you. Non-US citizen travelers may also wish to seek guidance from the embassy of their country of citizenship. The UI International Travel Policy for Students addresses restrictions on student travel to high-risk locations and engagement in high-risk activities abroad.


Streets of Santiago

You live in a homestay in Santiago with a family or señora who helps facilitate your language learning and integration into the Chilean community. Your homestay hosts provide two meals per day.

Travel Arrangements

Participants will make their own travel arrangements to Santiago, taking advantage of frequent-flyer options and/or internet specials available to them. The cost of travel is not included in the program fee. Information about airport pick up will be provided directly to the participants by IES. Students should book airfare to correspond with the arrival and departure dates provided by IES.

Eligibility Requirements

Mountains in Santiago

All applicants must meet with Study Abroad PRIOR to applying (please call 319.335.0353 to set up an appointment)

  • At least 18 years of age
  • In good academic and disciplinary standing at the University of Iowa
  • 2.5 GPA or higher
  • At least a sophomore standing prior to application; rising junior status at time of program departure
  • Undergraduates must be enrolled in a full-time degree program; recent graduates must begin their internship no more than 12 months after graduation


Students participating in the Santiago internship program are encouraged to have completed at least 4 semesters of college-level Spanish. There are limited English placements available and not knowing Spanish will limit what organizations are able to work with you.

How to Apply

  • Complete the UI online application. Please note that a nonrefundable $50 application fee will be charged as part of this online application. The UI online application includes:
    • Passport Copy: upload a clear PDF copy of your passport to the application or click “in the process of applying/renewing”.
    • Sign on your Credit Agreement (called a cover sheet) indicating the location of your internship and the number of credit hours you plan to receive. [The cover shhet is NOT the same as the cover letter IES may ask you for.]This decision cannot be changed, please discuss your plans with your academic and study abroad advisors before selecting your response.
    • Fill out the IES internship application. The complete application includes: (These items should all be done by the deadline. Give yourself time to get them done.)
      • Application: 1-2 business days to create profile before being able to upload documents
      • Cover Letter: upload to IES application
      • Resume: upload to IES application
      • Placement Interest Form: upload to IES application
      • Transcript: send from MyUI electronically to Liz English at
    • Monica Ernberger, in the Study Abroad Office, will complete the Home School Authorization directly with IES (online) once you’ve completed the entire application process.
    • Application Deadline

      Applications are due on Feb 1st for Summer.

      Resume and Cover Letter Information

      Part of the application process is submitting a cover letter and resume. Throughout the process, you'll be given several opportunities by IES Abroad to revise these materials, but it's important that you put effort into your first draft. Start this process early and utilize the following resources:

      1. The Pomerantz Career Center at the University of Iowa offers assistance with writing resumes and cover letters. The webpage is a good first place to start if you aren't sure what these documents should contain or what they look like: Pomerantz Career Center: Resumes and Related Materials. The Pomerantz Career Center also holds walk-in hours from 9am-4pm while school is in session.
      2. One of the most difficult parts of the application is writing a cover letter without a job description. It is suggested that interns look up similar entry-level jobs on a site like or and utilize the list of qualifications on a job description similar to the type of internship they are seeking.
      3. IES also offers a PDFStudent Prep Manual. The most updated version can be found in your IES Portal.

      Post Acceptance

      Acceptance into your chosen internship is made by IES directly via an email to you. After acceptance you will be asked to confirm your participation with IES and the University of Iowa. After confirmation, you will work and correspond directly with IES to complete pre-departure materials. Participants are responsible the IES application deposit ($500) and study abroad administrative fees if they withdraw after handing in their confirmation form.

      Program Cost

      2024 Santiago IES Internships: 3 credit hoursPDF
      2024 Santiago IES Internships: 6 credit hoursPDF

      These documents outline the total estimated costs associated with participating in this program and can be used for financial aid purposes. It includes fees charged on students’ U-Bill (Course Fee, Study Abroad Fee, and Iowa Regents CISI Insurance), as well as out-of-pocket expenses. Actual out-of-pocket expenses will vary from individual to individual. Quoted estimates are conservatively high, yet realistic.

      The cost sheet includes the Study Abroad Administrative Fee and Mandatory Iowa Regents CISI Travel Insurance. Please see the respective websites for further details. If the fee is inclusive of UI tuition, it is calculated by Current Tuition. Please contact your study abroad advisor with questions regarding this cost sheet – call 319-335-0353 to schedule an appointment.

      Upfront, out-of-pocket expenses

      Some costs are incurred prior to departure and will be due before financial aid/scholarships disperse. Here are the expected upfront costs for IES Internships:

      • Iowa Application Fee: $50
      • Visa (Santiago): $125
      • Airfare Estimate: $1,500
      • Passport: $135

      Optional additional fees paid to IES

      These fees are all optional and are not included in the course fee for the program. The cost should be paid directly to IES — failure to pay will result in IES withholding transcripts.

      • Single Room Upgrades
      • Optional Tours

      Financial Aid and Scholarships

      Most financial aid (scholarships, grants, and loans) is applicable to study abroad programs. Please check the Study Abroad website for information on financial aid and how it may be applied to studying abroad. You are also encouraged to speak with someone at the Office of Student Financial Aid to explore financial aid options.

      Students wishing to use Federal Financial Aid need to be enrolled in 6 credit hours.

      Scholarship opportunities exist for study abroad participants. Please explore Study Abroad's website for UI Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities.

      In addition, IES has many scholarships that UI students can apply for. These scholarship opportunities are found on the IES website.

      Federal Pell Grant recipients are eligible to apply for the Gilman Scholarship

      Withdrawal policy

      After applying for a Study Abroad Program, notice of withdrawal must be made in writing to University of Iowa Study Abroad. The date on which the letter or e-mail message is received is the date by which your costs will be calculated. If for any reason you withdraw after the confirmation deadline and before or during the course of the program, the amount/percentage shown in the following chart represents what you will be required to pay to the University of Iowa.

      Date of Withdrawal Student Financial Responsibility
      After submitting the Confirmation of Participation Administrative fee: $400
      Portion of course fee: As determined by the program contract with IES
      Less than 30 days before the program start date Study Abroad Administrative Fee: $400 or 50%, whichever is greater
      Portion of course fee: As determined by the program contract with IES
      After the program start date Administrative fee: 100%
      Portion of course fee: 100%

      Consult with your Study Abroad advisor for any clarification about fees and billing. Note that when you withdraw from a program, any money already paid directly to a program provider and/or a host university will potentially be forfeited. Check with your specific provider/host university for details. Additional penalties for cancellation of airline tickets may also apply. Check with your airline for further details.

    Pre-departure Resources

    IES and the UI have a variety of resources available to you to prepare you for departure. It is recommended that you review these materials, share them with your parents, and refer back to them if you have questions.

    1. IES Internships Manual GuidePDF
    2. A Parent Guide to Study AbroadPDF
    3. Health Preparation Guide for International TravelPDF


    U.S. passport holders will not need a visa to intern in Santiago. Non-U.S. passport holders should refer to the Chilean Consulate of Chicago webpage for more details.


    In order to prepare for your time abroad, you are required by the University of Iowa to complete two orientations. These may be in addition to orientations provided by your on-site provider. See below for more information.

    Online Education Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation

    You are required to complete the International Programs ICON course “Education Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation” prior to departure. This orientation is mandatory for all students going abroad under the auspices of the University of Iowa. It covers many practical matters about living overseas, such as health and safety, communication, money, goals, and much more. You will be enrolled in this course by International Programs and an email will be sent to you once enrolled. If you have any questions, you can email

    Program-Specific Orientation

    This orientation will be facilitated by your study abroad advisor and will cover content specific to your program and host country. It could be conducted in a group setting or one-on-one depending on your type of planned activity abroad. Your study abroad advisor will send you more information about this mandatory in-person session after your acceptance into the program.


    The University of Iowa Career Center offers GoinGlobal as a free resource for all students. IES will do the legwork as far as finding you an internship, but you might wish to do so research ahead of time about workplace culture, employment trends, etc. The country guide for Chile can be found here: GoinGlobal Chile Country Guide. Iowa students must first access their account on campus and create a log-in. After you create an account, you'll be able to access GoinGlobal off-campus for free.