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Seoul National University Exchange

Fast Facts

Sessions Offered:

Fall, Spring, Academic Year


Seoul, South Korea




- UI Student with 3.0 GPA or above

- Minimum of Sophomore standing

- No language requirement

Application Due:

Spring Semester: 10/15

Fall Semester: 4/1

Program Cost:

Click the Application tab

Program Update

This program is currently not being offered. Please see our other program listings and schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad advisor for Korea by calling 319-335-0353 to explore other options.

the ultra modern art museum.  all glass and sitting on top of a pedestal.

SNU's Art Museum

About SNU

The Seoul National University Exchange offers UI students a wonderful opportunity to study at one of Korea's premier universities without the necessity of knowing any Korean language. Along with UI's exchange agreement with SNU, SNU also holds similar agreements with universities such as Harvard, Stanford and Yale.

Because of the level of academic performance expected at SNU, only students with a strong academic backgrounds (at least a 3.0 GPA) will be considered for this exchange. Students who are accepted will be able to choose from a wonderfully diverse and rich offering of Engish-taught courses (click Advanced Search, then check the English Lecture box to search the course catalog).


Incredible academics is what SNU is all about. SNU is comprised of sixteen colleges ranging from Fine Arts to Business Administration, Medicine, Humanities, Education, and Law. The departments within the colleges are equally diverse and all offer a wide array of English-taught courses each semester - around 700-800 total for SNU.

When applying to SNU, students will have to choose a specific department to apply to, and affiliate themselves with - similar to their major track. The Students are required to take at least 12 s.h. hours and can enroll in up to 18 s.h. per semester. Click on the various colleges and see the list of departments off to the left side, and then explore them and the courses taught in English from each department.

Cultural Activities

SNU has a very large number of student clubs and activities available to exchange students. These include sports, cultural gatherings, performing arts, and various associations. Some examples are: orchestra, dance, fencing, golf, basketball, soccer, taekwondo, judo, snowboarding, music, scuba-diving, etc. There will certainly be something for everyone, and participating in these clubs is one of the best ways to make new friends and explore the diversity of both Seoul and Korea.

Program Dates

Fall Semester are typically from early September through mid December.

Spring Semesters are typically from early March through mid June.

View SNU's academic calendar for further information.

For More Info

If you have more questions or are ready to apply to the SNU Exchange, please make an appointment with the program advisor by calling the Study Abroad office at 319-335-0353, or you can e-mail the program advisor with general questions.

Program Update

This program is currently not being offered. Please see our other program listings and schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad advisor for Korea by calling 319-335-0353 to explore other options.

Seoul National University

SNU's gate with the university's symbol - a triangle with a vertical extension on one side.  cars drive through the triangle.

SNU's Gate

Seoul National University is one of the top universities in Korea. Being that SNU has an incredible reputation with excellent education, it produces very skilled graduates that are found throughout all sectors of Korean government, businesses, academic realm and even in the arts, literature and entertainment industry.

It was founded in the mid 20th century and has served as a model for many of Korea's major universities. With such a diverse range of academic departments, and a student body of around 30,000, SNU will both appeal to many UI students and also be able to offer them diverse, rich and challenging course offerings for almost any major here at UI.

Another interesting aspect of SNU, is that it is located on the south side of Seoul and backs up to a small mountain - Gwanaksan or Mt. Gwanak (hence the name of SNU's campus there, Gwanak Campus). Therefore, you are able to experience Seoul and the urban life, but also have some wonderful, easy access and exposure to nature.


Seoul is the political and cultural capital of South Korea. Its population of 10.5 million are spread throughout a city about the same size as Chicago. Neon signs, skyscrapers, and an incredibly computer-savvy populace belie the true age of the city; Seoul has been inhabited for around 2000 years. Seoul’s international atmosphere has turned it into one of the most cosmopolitan cities in not just Asia, but the world.

South Korea

South Korea is a country of about 50 million people located on the Korean Peninsula. Its neighbor to the north, North Korea, grabs more headlines due to military saber rattling, but South Korea is not a country to be overshadowed. With a strong, industrialized economy built after the Korean War, South Korea remains one of the most successful nations in all of Asia. The Visit Korea website has a lot of good information for you to get excited about this great country.

Program Update

This program is currently not being offered. Please see our other program listings and schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad advisor for Korea by calling 319-335-0353 to explore other options.

Living Arrangements

new student dormitories.

Gwanaska Dormitories

Students must apply to SNU for housing, but will have be placed in a double room in the Gwanaksa Dormitories. The double rooms are fully furnished and have internet, AC and heating, and have easy access to common rooms (showers, toilets, reading rooms, lounges and kitchens). Gwanaksa is easily accessible from almost anywhere on campus, and has other great facilities such as: cafeterias, laundry rooms, a concert hall, study rooms, and weight rooms. Students will be responsible for paying SNU for housing - around $500-$900/semester.

If students are feeling adventurous, they are also welcome to find off-campus housing, but SNU won't provide assistance in finding spaces. These options include apartments and even homestays. If you feel like going this route, please discuss it with the study abroad advisor first.

Travel Arrangements

Students are advised NOT to purchase airline tickets until they receive acceptance confirmation from both UI and Ajou. If you have questions and/or concerns about this, please contact the study abroad advisor at 319-335-0353.

Students are expected to find their own flights to South Korea, though Study Abroad can assist by providing advice on airfare. Often times, Korean exchange partners will be able to send a local student to the airport to meet incoming students. More info on flights and arrival times will be provided by SNU closer to the date of departure.

Local Transportation

SNU is located on the south side of Seoul, but is still easily accessible via multiple bus lines and two subway stops (Green Line #2). SNU's Link to local transportation serves as a good place to start looking for information about public transportation access for SNU, as is this link for an easy list of options.

The Seoul Metropolitan Subway is quite impressive, allowing you to get almost anywhere you would like to go. It is the worlds most extensive system by length and is the second largest in the world by number of stations (after NYC Subway).

For more information on local transportation options and some very helpful, must read, information before you go - please look at Visit Seoul's Transportation Guide and Seoul's Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corp Home Site for the Subway.

Program Update

This program is currently not being offered. Please see our other program listings and schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad advisor for Korea by calling 319-335-0353 to explore other options.


This program is open to all UI students who are in both good academic and also disciplinary standing. Applicants must also meet the minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. No knowledge of Korean language is necessary.

The number of participants is limited by reciprocity in the numbers to be exchanged. Meeting the minimum requirements for eligibility does not guarantee acceptance into the program. The final decision on admissions rests with SNU.

Eligibility Policy

It is the University of Iowa’s policy that all students who study abroad must be in both good academic standing and also good disciplinary standing. Students who, even after being accepted into a program, are put on either academic and/or disciplinary probation for any period of time overlapping with the study abroad program dates are ineligible to study abroad.

In these cases, students must forfeit their acceptance and will NOT be allowed to study abroad. Any student that must forfeit their acceptance and/or attendance on a study abroad program due to a probationary status is wholly responsible for any and all financial expenses incurred.

Program Cost Sheet

This is the Cost Sheet for Spring of 2014. This document outlines the total estimated costs associated with participating in this program and can be used for financial aid purposes. It includes fees charged on students’ U-Bill, as well as out-of-pocket expenses. Actual out-of-pocket expenses will vary from individual to individual. Quoted estimates are conservatively high, yet realistic.

The cost sheet includes the Study Abroad Administrative Fee and Mandatory Iowa Regents CISI Travel Insurance. Please see the respective websites for further details. If the fee is inclusive of UI tuition, it is calculated by Current Tuition. Please contact your study abroad advisor with questions regarding this cost sheet – call 319-335-0353 to schedule an appointment.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Most financial aid (scholarships, grants, and loans) is applicable to study abroad programs. Please check the Study Abroad website for information on financial aid and how it may be applied to studying abroad. You are also encouraged to speak with someone at the Office of Student Financial Aid to explore financial aid options.

Scholarship Opportunities exist for study abroad participants. Please explore Study Abroad’s websites for UI Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities, and Non-UI External Awards.

Withdrawal policy

After applying for a Study Abroad Program, notice of withdrawal must be made in writing to University of Iowa Study Abroad. The date on which the letter or e-mail message is received is the date by which your costs will be calculated. If for any reason you withdraw after the confirmation deadline and before or during the course of the program, the amount/percentage shown in the following chart represents what you will be required to pay to the University of Iowa.

Date of Withdrawal Student Financial Responsibility
Between confirmation and 45 days before program start date $500
Between 44 and 30 days before the program start date $1000
Between 29 and 15 days before the program start date $2000
Less than 14 days before the program start date 100% of Study Abroad Administrative Fees ($400)
100% of UI Tuition and Fees

Consult with your Study Abroad advisor for any clarification about fees and billing. Note that when you withdraw from a program, any money already paid directly to a program provider and/or a host university will potentially be forfeited. Check with your specific provider/host university for details. Additional penalties for cancellation of airline tickets may also apply. Check with your airline for further details.

Application Deadline

The online application for the spring session of this program will be available from 8/1 to 10/15.

The online application for the fall and academic year programs will be available from 1/1 to 4/1.

Any supplemental materials are due to the study abroad office one week later.

How to Apply

Click here for UI's online study abroad application.

Note, students must fill out two applications. In addition to UI's online study abroad application, you will also be required to fill out SNU's application. This includes printing it out and handing it in to Study Abroad so we can mail it to SNU before the deadline. BEFORE applying to SNU, students MUST make an appointment with the study abroad advisor for this program. Please call 319-335-0353 to schedule an appointment.

Program Update

This program is currently not being offered. Please see our other program listings and schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad advisor for Korea by calling 319-335-0353 to explore other options.

Study Abroad will provide information regarding confirmation and preparation after the application cycle. Please contact the program advisor if you have questions - call the Study Abroad office at 319-335-0353 to schedule an appointment.

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Seoul National University Exchange Program Site

List of Classes Taught in English Click "Advanced Search" and then tick the "English Lecture" option, and then search to see entire list.

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Costs, Financial Aid and Scholarships

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UI's online study abroad application

SNU's Application - Must download and fill out

***Need to make an appointment with Study Abroad advisor before filling out. Call 319-335-0353 to schedule an appointment.

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