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Global Health in Rural & Resource-limited India

Fast Facts

Sessions Offered:



Mysore and Saragur, India




At least sophomore standing at time of application, good academic and non-academic standing, permission of the instructor

Application Due:


Program Cost:

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Program Update

There are no scheduled future sessions for this program. Please see our other UI program options and/or schedule an appointment with the study abroad advisor for India by calling 319-335-0353.

Inter-Professional Program on Capacity Building for Healthy Aging

This program is designed as a flexible elective for a small group of clinical or advanced health science students and, with special permission, liberal arts students with an interest in global health, to gain experience with a comprehensive health care system in south India, the Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM). Through partnering with south Indian and U.S. experts in culturally informed community health, participants will learn about south Indian health care issues and practice, including strategies to develop culturally informed health care. Students will also participate in activities appropriate to their specific disciplines and tailored learning objectives.

The program begins with 5-8 virtual class sessions to be offered during the spring semester. The group will leave for India in late May to arrive on June 1st (approximately). After arrival in India via Bangalore and traveling together to Mysore, the program continues with an orientation at the Swami Vivekananda Institute of Indian Studies (VIIS) on the history, culture, politics and languages of southern India.

After the first week, the group will travel to Saragur, a small village located about 50 km. outside of Mysore, for the clinical component of the community program. Students will work with SVYM, the faculty director, and community partners for the clinical component of the program.

Academic Program

Over the course of four weeks, students will participate in a variety of activities such as conducting a culturally informed community assessment, programming and/or evaluation, attending seminars and clinical discussions, and participating in specialty areas of health represented in the community. Students will learn about community outreach that serves different populations and offers programs such as amputation prevention, HIV/AIDS awareness, eye care, water sanitation and hygiene services, dental health, and prevention and management of diabetes. At the completion of the program, students will work together to synergize their projects into a capacity building program for healthy aging.

All students will receive 4 s.h. of University of Iowa academic credit. Application of this credit and any additional credit toward specific degree requirements will be determined in concert with the student’s academic department.

The academic program is conducted in English, which is spoken throughout India.

Program Dates

The program will run approximately May 28 - June 30. Additional days may be needed to travel from the U.S. to India.

For More Information

For information regarding the application process, financial aid, etc., please call 319-335-0353 and ask the receptionist to schedule an appointment with study abroad advisor Fran Boyken (

Vivekananda Memorial Hospital

One of the two program sites is the non-profit Vivekananda Memorial Hospital in Saragur. This hospital is one of the many undertakings of the Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM), an NGO set up in 1984 by a group of dedicated young Indian doctors. This 40 bed facility serves a group of more than 10,000 tribal (Adivasi) peoples of India who were displaced in the 1960s from their original homeland by the construction of hydro-electric dams.


Mysore and Bangalore are the two major cities in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. Mysore, home to the VIIS campus (one of the two program sites), is one of the loveliest mid-sized cities in India (pop. 900,000).

This important cultural center is nestled against a hillside on top of which is one of the largest and best known temples to the Hindu goddess Chamundi. The city has an extraordinary palace complex built by the Wodeyars, the local rulers from 1875 to 1950. Mysore is also famous as an educational center, housing the University of Mysore, several institutions specializing in traditional knowledge, and other private research institutions.


The world’s largest democracy and second most populous country, India is a land of diversity with great variety in food, language, and religion represented even within a single province. It has major cultural influence around the world, a rich history, and a fast-growing and powerful economy.

Living Arrangements

During orientation (the first week of the program), all students will stay on the VIIS campus in Mysore in dormitory-style housing. For the remainder of the program, students will stay in accommodations within the Vivekananda Memorial Hospital compound in Saragur. Both locations offer laundry facilities, internet access, and catered vegetarian meals.

Students are encouraged to bring a personal laptop computer to India, if they have one, so that they can complete written assignments in areas with limited facilities.

Travel Arrangements

Students will receive instructions on making travel arrangements during a program-specific orientation session. There will be a suggested group flight itinerary, however, students will arrange their own flights to Bangalore. Upon arrival, VIIS staff will provide transportation to take students from Bangalore to the program site in Mysore.

Program Update

There are no scheduled future sessions for this program. Please see our other UI program options and/or schedule an appointment with the study abroad advisor for India by calling 319-335-0353.


This program is intended for University of Iowa and Our Lady of the Lake College students in health related-fields. Students in non-health related fields are also encouraged to apply.

Students must have at least sophomore standing at the time of submitting their application materials. Students must also be in good academic and non-academic (disciplinary) standing. The faculty director will review applications prior to the final determination of acceptance, permission of the instructor is required before students may be admitted to the program.

No previous study of Indian language is required; the academic program is conducted in English which is spoken throughout India.


The course fee for Summer 2014 was $2,800 for University of Iowa resident and non-resident students. The course fee includes tuition, housing, orientation, most meals, and program excursions and activities. Additionally, students pay the UI study abroad administrative fees described here (this is a 4 s.h. short-term program) and the required Iowa Regents CISI Insurance fees described here. There is also a $50 non-refundable application fee.

The course fee for Summer 2014 for all non-UI students was $3,000.

Students should also be prepared to pay for additional expenses: round trip airfare (approximately $1,900), some meals, a pre-departure medical examination, travel-related immunizations and/or prescription medications, passport and visa fees, and any personal expenses. Non-UI students must provide original transcripts from all colleges and universities attended and should therefore be prepared to pay the appropriate transcript request fees.

Financial aid and scholarships received to attend the University of Iowa can often be applied toward the program cost. Eligible program participants are also encouraged to apply for merit, need-based, and Diversity Ambassador scholarships awarded by Study Abroad, and other external awards.

Program Cost Sheet

The Summer 2014 cost sheet can be found below. This document reflects the best possible estimate for all costs a participant on this program will need to be responsible for, including fees paid to UI as well as out-of-pocket costs and personal expenses. Actual spending amounts may vary from individual to individual.

PDFCost Sheet: Section 0001 (2014)

Withdrawal Policy

Notice of withdrawal must be made in writing to UI Study Abroad. The date on which the letter or e-mail message is received is the date by which your costs will be calculated. If for any reason you withdraw after the confirmation deadline and before or during the course of the program, the amount shown in the following chart represents what you would be required to pay to the University of Iowa.

Date of Withdrawal Student Financial Responsibility
Between the date the confirmation form is received by Study Abroad and the first nine days after the confirmation deadline Portion of Administrative Fee: $400
Portion of Course Fee: $100
Non‐UI students: The $200 non-UI student supplemental fee is also retained from this point on, in addition to administrative and program fees indicated below.
10-19 days past the confirmation deadline Portion of Administrative Fee: $400
Portion of Course Fee: 50% ($1,400)
20-44 days past the confirmation deadline Portion of Administrative Fee: $400
Portion of Course Fee: 75% ($2,100)
45 or more days past the confirmation deadline Administrative Fee: 100% ($592)
Course Fee: 100% ($2,800)

How to Apply

For information regarding the application process, financial aid, etc., please call 319-335-0353 and ask the receptionist to schedule an appointment with study abroad advisor Fran Boyken (

After you submit your application, Study Abroad will provide information regarding confirmation materials and other preparations. Please contact program advisor Fran Boyken if you have questions.

Confirmation Materials

Once you have been accepted to the program (after the application deadline) you will find the forms you should complete and return to Study Abroad in order to confirm your place on the program here. An additional document is required for non-UI or non-degree students.

Please SUBMIT the following items to Study Abroad by the confirmation deadline:

• Confirmation of Participation Form

• Medical Self-Assessment Form

• Transcript Request Form (Non-UI and Non-Degree Applicants ONLY)

Please READ the following and keep for your records:

PDFWithdrawal Schedule and Fees - Summer 2014

International Medical Insurance - Iowa Regents CISI Insurance Policy

UI Financial Aid procedures (UI students only)

Non-UI and Non-Degree Participants

In order to receive a transcript for your participation in the University of Iowa's Global Health in India program, you must submit a Transcript Request Form. One transcript will be issued to you at no additional charge after completion of the course. Be sure to include your name, signature, birth date, university ID, residing address, and the address your transcript should be sent to (check with your home institution's Study Abroad office to confirm this). Please submit the Transcript Request Form with your confirmation documents.

Pre-departure Materials

Participants are encouraged to read through the following web sites to prepare for the program in India. There is also a Global Health in India program handbook which will be distributed to students during preparation for departure.

UI Study Abroad - Prepare for Departure

UI Student Health & Wellness International Travel Clinic

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) - India

Lonely Planet - India

U.S. Dept. of State - U.S. Passports

OSAC - India: Information from the U.S. Department of State on safety and security abroad. Anyone can subscribe for the free OSAC newsletter to receive international safety news and updates via email.

Orientation Information

All UI students will attend a required general TIPS orientation for students studying abroad. Additional individualized meetings will address topics specific to this program, including credit and billing procedures.

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