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Business Internships Abroad: Madrid

Fast Facts

Sessions Offered:



Madrid, Spain




This program is designed for mature students seeking international work experience with a 5th semester level proficiency or higher in Spanish. 2.75 UI and cumulative GPA. In-person interviews are required.

Application Due:


Program Cost:

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The Tippie College of Business and International Programs collaborate on an eight-week summer internship program in Madrid, Spain. This unique opportunity is for undergraduate students who want to gain international and professional work experience.

Academic Program

Students can earn 6 s.h. of University of Iowa academic credit (1 s.h. spring semester, 5 s.h. summer) for the Madrid Internship Program. Participants will be able to apply the 3 s.h. earned during the summer toward a Spanish major or minor. The application of credit is as follows:

Elective Credit

Global Internship Preparation (1 s.h.):This is a 1 s.h. S/U graded course taught in the spring semester directly proceeding the summer Madrid internship. The course will be delivered through a series of lectures with participants of all global intern sites and discussion sections led by the Madrid student ambassador. Areas of study and preparation include:
• Global Current Events
• Reflective Learning
• Cultural Awareness
• Professional Development
• Host City/Country Knowledge and Planning

Global Business Perspectives (2 s.h.):This 2 s.h. S/U summer course seeks to link the practical experience of working abroad, and the professional development skills therein, with a scholarly capacity to reflect on the experience in a rigorous manner. Assignments are designed to meet the following objectives:
• understanding the value of international work assignments
• understanding your own cultural and professional beliefs and how those beliefs as well as the beliefs of others influence behavior and practices at the individual, organization, and societal level
• demonstrate an awareness and understanding of working in diverse work teams
• skills and perspectives for living and working in a culturally diverse world

Spanish Major/Minor Credit

Summer Language Course (3 s.h.):This course aims to engage a students critical skills and help develop independent thinking, while also promoting research and communication skills (in Spanish) that are transferable and highly relevant to future employment. This course will measure your knowledge and understanding of the foreign workplace and the wider culture in which it operates. Students will interpret their workplace in terms of professional, cultural, economic, and/or political issues, delivered via:
• Internship Report (2,000 words written in Spanish)
• Oral Presentation (delivered in Spanish)

The Spanish department's study abroad advisor will assist participants in determining how these credits can best fit into their Spanish major.

Students earning an International Business Certificate (IBC) can apply this course toward the International Business requirements under the IBC.

Program Dates

Program dates for summer 2014 were May 21-July 19. Students can expect similar dates in summer 2015.

For More Information

Details about the program are available on the Institute for International Business website, or by contacting Study Abroad.


Madrid is a city of roughly 5.1 million people and the capital of Spain. It is located geographically in the center of Spain and has been traditionally the center of the Spanish economy. It is home to the headquarters of the vast majority of Spanish companies which makes it ideal for interning in business.

Host Institution

The Tippie College has partnered with EUSA to bring Iowa undergraduate students a customized academic internship opportunity in Paris. The program is nearly nine weeks in length, and begins with a three-day orientation to the city and the French workplace. Immediately following the orientation, the eight-week internship begins.

EUSA places more than 1,800 students per year across Europe in professional practice internships. These unpaid placements cover a variety of sectors including:
• Business, Finance, Economics
• Television, Film, Journalism
• Arts, Culture
• Health Care, Social Issues, Education
• Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations

Living Arrangements

Students live in Spanish-speaking homestays for the duration of the program. The homestays supply most meals and laundry service. Living with Spaniards gives students a wonderful opportunity to practice their linguistic skills outside of work and also provide another location for cultural learning.

Travel Arrangements

Students make their own travel arrangements, with tips and advice provided by Study Abroad.


This program is designed for mature students seeking international work experience. Each applicant must meet the following criteria by the summer of 2015:
• UI and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75
• earned at least 60 s.h.
• completed at least one semester at the UI
• be in good academic and disciplinary standing
• completed at least one 100-level course (5th semester) in Spanish or equivalent


The approximate total program fee for summer 2014 was $7,900 for residents of Iowa and $8545 for non-residents. This fee was made up of the course fee of $7,260 and the study abroad administrative fee. Because the study abroad administrative fee is based on UI tuition and the Board of Regents to date have not set UI tuition for summer 2015, that part of the total program fee is subject to change. A summary of what is and is not included in the program fee can be found here. Students traveling abroad under the auspices of the University of Iowa are required to purchase the Regents International Health Insurance plan and will be automatically signed up for the coverage. More insurance cost and coverage information can be found here. The cost of insurance will show up as a separate charge on the students' ubill.

Program Cost Sheet

This is the PDFtotal estimated cost of attendance for summer 2014. This document outlines the total estimated costs associated with participating in this program and can be used for financial aid purposes. It includes fees charged on students’ U-Bill, as well as out-of-pocket expenses. Actual out-of-pocket expenses will vary from individual to individual. Quoted estimates are conservatively high, yet realistic. We expect only the course fee (listed above) and administrative fee to change for summer 2015.


How to Apply

Please note the eligibility information above before applying for the program. If you have questions regarding your eligibility to participate or application requirements contact Study Abroad.

Please complete all fields for the online application with one modification. In the text box labeled "Please state briefly your reasons for applying to this program, including both academic and personal objectives. Please also indicate prior relevant experience and/or coursework", please include your response to the following question instead "Share your top THREE objectives for a Global Internship experience; consider both professional and personal objectives. Provide detailed explanation and reasoning".

Please follow the directions regarding submission of your UI online application (this includes supplementary documentation before you can actually submit your application. Required supplemental materials include a resume and an interview preferences worksheet. Your application will be complete when the following are successfully submitted/completed 1) online application, 2) resume, and 3) interview preferences worksheet.
*Note: Early applications will be entered to win one of 10 $500 Early Bird scholarships from the Tippe College of Business.

When you have read the instructions listed above, click here to begin your online application.

**Important note for International Students**

You must confirm your U.S. visa eligibility to participate in this summer program with your UI ISSS Advisor prior to applying--pay particular attention to the dates on your visa. Although not required, it is strongly recommended after you've attended an information session, you should schedule your interview prior to applying for this program. Contact the IBB office (Tippie College of Business) to schedule an appointment.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is 12/8/2014.


Students are required to enroll in a spring semester course taught by faculty in the Tippie College of Business. This course is designed to help students prepare for their internship. Content includes pre-departure information, resume critiques, and the development of professions skills necessary to be successful in an international business environment.

After students submit their UI online application, have been accepted into the program and confirm their participation, students will be given additional information regarding the spring semester course and information regarding the internship placement process.

Acceptance Packet and Enrollment Information

The following items materials should be READ and kept for your records:

PDFUI Financial Aid Information

Health Insurance Information

PDFPayment and Withdrawal Policy - Madrid

Orientation Information

All participants are required to attend a general study abroad orientation hosted by Study Abroad in addition to their spring semester course.

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